So this is something I often think but never really talk about because it’s not really a conversation. It happens everytime I bath my girl and get her ready for bed. I get this overwhelming sense of gratitude alongside a sad feeling in the pit of my stomach, the reason for this is because as […]

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Becoming a mum

I think becoming a mum is very empowering, let’s push aside the negative images we hold of our completely forever changed physical body but look at the huge changes it has on you as woman. It makes you feel like you can accomplish anything, you birthed another human! Like at one point you had 2 […]

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Mixed Emotions

So this is not my usual topic area but it feels appropriate that I voice my feelings to the current BLM movement. Growing up I was the only “half cast” kid in my nursery and primary school for a while, other kids came who were slightly browner than white but I was proper “coloured”…half cast […]

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Lockdown Baby

I’m not sure if we all really grasp the effect of this pandemic on our kids, mine, almost 4, bright and inquisitive to say the least but in reality she is feeling the changes and it became apparent today! Like a couple of my friends have, I decided to tell my daughter that the reason […]

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Guest Blog – by Tony Scott

Pleased to have another great guest blog from a dad’s perspective…have a read… Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining👏 Three and a half years ago my life was a whirlwind of trying to juggle two jobs, set up a podcast, record a betting show, play football twice a week, write a football column and buying a […]

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This is for the dads to be…

Right lads this one is for you! Congratulations on your super swimmers 😆 but now it’s serious. Your gorgeous mum to be is going to go through a rollercoaster of emotions and changes physically and mentally so put on your seat belt because you’re going along for the ride too! The little miracle that is […]

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So a few weeks back I seen someone refer to their little girl as a threenager! It clicked…this was exactly the stage I was experiencing right now, people say “oh terrible two’s” and I remember thinking at the time, two hasn’t been so terrible, in fact it’s been fun and tantrum free (mostly)…Fast forward to […]

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